Sciatica Surgery
Sciatica Surgery

Exercises for Sciatica

If you’re suffering from Sciatica, you might be surprised to know that physical exercise is really much better than bed rest. Although you may feel like lying in bed and resting rather than exercising, active physical exercise is the best mechanism for healing sciatica discomfort and pain. Most doctors tell their patients to rest for a day or two after a sciatica attack but ironically this inactivity will only aid in worsening the discomfort. The lack of movement causes the muscles and spinal structures to weaken.  This makes their function as the support for the back weak also. This in turn can lead to rear injury and strain on the muscles and spine which adds to the lower body and back pain.

As you know there’s fluid in between discs, and workouts for sciatica keeps the fluids healthy and the discs well lubricated. This also helps with the distribution of nutrition and strengthening from the muscles on the abdomen and back. There are numerous workouts for sciatica and mostly involves stretching to target particular areas.  Remember to get a diagnosis of the discomfort first, in order to determine the best kind of physical exercise program that will target your problem area.

Sciatica Relief

You have reached this site because your are looking for Sciatica Relief. You are probably now considering surgery to finally get rid of the pain and suffering.

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Sciatica Surgery

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Sciatica Pain Relief

If you want to have effective and permanent Sciatica Pain Relief, you must first determine the root cause.  There are a number of different causes for Sciatica, and depending on which one caused the pain for you, certain procedures will be most suitable for you.

If your pain is caused by herniated discs, you might benefit from relieving the compression through Inversion Therapy.  An Inversion Table will – just as the name implies, inverts your position.  Being upside down for 15 minutes 2 times a day will surely relieve the pressure.  This is because an inverted position will pull your spine in the opposite direction will cause the spinal discs to go back to their correct form.  An inverted position will also cause the discs to relax.  What this does is increase circulation of the blood supply and oxygen which will heal nerves more quickly.

Sciatica Pain Relief can be achieved by knowing the cause.  Knowing the underlying condition will get you long term sciatic nerve pain.  Find a knowledgeable health care practitioner to accurately diagnose your condition and recommend the best treatment methods.

Avoid Sciatica Surgery

You are probably on this site because you have had enough of your Sciatic pain, and are considering surgery as a cure. As mentioned in numerous posts in this blog, we believe that surgery should be a last resort. There are tons of methods of getting rid of sciatic pain without surgery. Even though you think you’ve tried it all, there are some methods that for sure you have not heard about.

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I mean no disrespect to any doctors reading this, but I am saying this out of my experience of not learning about the the natural cures sooner. I could not believe my doctor did not even consider sharing this information with me.

sciatica surgery

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Did you know that the simple consumption of potassium from bananas and potatoes in large quantities can dramatically help in curing sciatic pain? Or that soaking your body in warm water for 20 minutes can instantly relieve your pain. Massage, yoga, reflexology and specific exercises are some other methods not being openly talked about as a cure for sciatica.

These methods and others are found in the book “Treat Sciatica Now“.  In this book, you are shown all the natural treatment methods that work faster than surgery or medication!

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Sciatica surgery recovery time

if you are thinking about surgery you have to take into consideration sciatica surgery recovery time. Any form of surgery takes a considerable amount of recovery time. Surgery takes a toll on any body. Even if it is for healing something like sciatica, it is not without pain and time being completely unproductive. There are tissues that get damaged during any procedure, and the body needs time to heal. Recovery is spent both in the hospital and at home.

Recovery typically lasts several weeks to several months. This depends on the patients cooperation in taking part in the healing process. Yes, the patient must play a major role in the recovery process. Younger patients also recover faster and this slows down with age.

Sciatica surgery recovery time can be significantly shortened if the patient sets clear goals for him/herself. You must state a specific date in which you can be able to do a specific activity without any pain. Being specific is the key here. You must not however rush your recovery. Rushing will only slow down your recovery. Once you’ve thought of this, write it down. This is important – you must write it down, to prove to yourself that you are serious in getting better.

Your physician, if a good one will provide you instructions and constant supervision after surgery. Make sure to follow their instructions. Keep in mind that you are on your way to a life free of pain. Attitude is very important. It is natural have bad moods and emotional days, but please know that this will only slow down sciatica surgery recovery time. Have a positive outlook and a sense of expectancy that you will soon get up and about will take you there quicker than you think.

Sciatica relief?

Question by ldawn0201: Sciatica relief?
Does anyone know how to get relief from sciatica WITHOUT having to go to physical therapy? I had it when I was pregnant and had to go to PT twice a week for stretching and exercises… I am now having the same thing (not pregnant) and have been doing the stretches but no relief and I really don’t have time to go to PT twice a week for relief…. any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Mother to be! :)
I have extreme Sciatica and I’m 6 1/2 months prego. They are wanting to send me to PT but like you i don’t really have time for it. Though there are some nights that i would beg for it! The doctors told me to put heat on your lower back right above your crack, then remove the heat and add a cold compress, then go back and forth. Always end on cold that way it draws in the nerve and gets it away from your disks and other things that might irritate it. I’m sorry you are going through this. Good Luck and it’s my prayer that you get relief soon!

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I have sciatica and my treatment isnt working?

Question by colleenaschwab: I have sciatica and my treatment isnt working?
I had really bad back pain starting in end of Nov. last year which I have no idea how it happened, but then in Feb I developed sciatica which I have been perscribed pain killers and physical therapy, I’ve tried different pain killers some didnt work at all and the ones that did were too strong making me very drowsy, dizzy, even throw up, and I work full time and cant take any of the strong ones at work for obvious reasons, I even wear a back brace to keep me from over exerting myself and I got to physical therapy every two weeks for the past 3 months, but just doing the exercises are painful for me and while my back feels somewhat better, my sciatica feels worse especially in my feet and knee, what other options would I have? and How would my doctor figure out what is actually causing the sciatica in the first place?

Best answer:

Answer by Gizzie
If you feel the pain go down your leg or wrap around your hip, you may be suffering from sciatica. In it’s worst state, you will feel painful electrical charges in your foot as the nerve wraps around your pelvis and hip and back down the back of the leg through the buttocks.

Please see your doctor for a muscle relaxant like flexerall only by prescription to stop your muscles from squeezing the nerve on your left side. You can use a combination of non prescribed medication to try and hit the areas that are most annoying; however, 50mg-150mg indomethicin oral or anal works the absolute best for your back.

1. I used to use a combination of medications which included 400mg Ibuprofen 4x a day with food. This takes the swelling and inflammation down. DO NOT exceed1600mg in one day and you may need prilosec for stomach protection as ALL ANTI INFLAMMATORIES are difficult on the stomach. ***You can use Tylenol with Ibuprofen and Aspirin watch for daily maximums & don’t exceed.

2. Robaxacet is Tylenol (acetominophen) combined with methocarbonal (muscle relaxant)…this also comes with codeine on request from the pharmacist. This only relaxes any tight muscles around the pain and helps reduce some pain. You can use Robaxacet with Ibuprofen and Aspirin, BUT NOT Tylenol as it’s already an ingredient in this pill.

3. Robaxacyl is Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) combines with methocarbonal (muscle relaxant)…this has a blood thinning active ingredient and isn’t ideal for anyone under age 16 years or complications with blood pressure, ailments, etc. This both takes down the inflammation as well as treats the pain.You can use Robaxacyl with Ibuprofen and Tylenol, BUT NOT Aspirin as it’s already an ingredient in this pill.
4. Aleve is a Nonsteroidal Anti Inflammatory (Naproxen) which will helps reduce the inflammation, and as the inflammation decreases so does the pain; BUT you CANNOT mix this drug with any of the above mentioned safely.

5. Dynamint has been used on horses legs for years, but it does an amazing job on sore muscles. It’s ingredients are Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil , Tea Tree Oil and Calendula Oil.

6. Deep Cold Gold is an alternative rub that works very well on tight aching back & low back tendons.

It’s serious as you well know from the pain. You will need to treat it with ICE for 20 minutes on and off every 2.5 hours in your butt cheek and the heart of the pain. You can put a heating pad on your low back afterwards.

You will need to see your doctor if this progressively gets worse. You can request Flexerill (muscle relaxant) to relaxe the muscles from contracting around the pinched nerve. You may also require pain medicaiton depending on the severity.

I do not find much comfort with the chiropractor but it doesn’t hurt to check in with yours for normal maintenance and his opinion on sciatica so you can decide what road you want to take.

Physio, Kinesiology, and Yoga are the best for treatment. I usually hit the hot tub and steam room at the pool and stretch in the warm environment.

Lie on your back and pull your knee to your chest and hold for 20 secs. Do it to the other side too and repeat.

Grab both knees to your chest and hold for 20 secs. Bring to the center, and gently rock to the left side and the right side still holding on to your knees for approximately 10 times and repeat. This relieves a lot of the discomfort.

You can also learn to stretch and touch your toes lying on the floor with you bum. Stetch to your shin and hold 20 secs, stretch to your ankle and hold 20 secs, stretch to your arch and hold for 20 secs, and eventually you’ll be able to hold the bottom of your feet.

I find these exercises not only alleviate my suffering, but it prevents the re-occurrence. I know because as long as I do them I never even have an episode, but it takes a long time to heal the memory of back pain.


What do you think? Answer below!

Q&A: I have a bulging disk in my spine that causes sciatica etc I’m 32?

Question by bella: I have a bulging disk in my spine that causes sciatica etc I’m 32?
Does anyone have any experiance or opinions its been this way getting worse now for 4yrs I do lots of exercise but have recently stopped Ive had scans etc

Best answer:

Answer by Rockmum
im 32 aswell and i get real bad sciatica, exercise makes it worse for me
my dad has it bad and his specialist reccomends light exercise, like walking, and sleep on your back, and never bend down, bending makes it worse, it will take time, but if you take it easier it will improve, good luck, sciatica sux
and my dr said it improves if u lose weight, but i dunno if your overweight, sorry if your skinny, lol

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What helps with sciatica?

Question by ?Mama_Leigh?: What helps with sciatica?
I have had it for a week now..and my doctor gave me a cortisone shot. And that didn’t even help. She told me to take 800 mg of Mortin, which also doesn’t do anything. I have done the exercises online and walking and that makes it worse. The only thing that helps is not moving, which is impossible, cause I have a 4mo old baby. So any solutions? I will try ANYTHING!

Best answer:

Answer by ANGELA R
Well seeing you a new mommy while you were pregnant the baby probably put pressure on your back and now your probably lifting the babt wrong. Always use proper body mechanics. Even when lifting the baby always lift with your legs. if the baby is in his/her crib bend at the knee when picking him/her up to take the pressure off your back and if the baby is on the floor bend down all the way and lift with your legs. Do this for everything. Thimk of it this way when you lift something that;s just 10 pounds if you lift wrong it’s like 100 pounds to your back. And go see a chiropractor to have your lower back adjusted and to relaease your sciatic nerve. They can also do physical therapy on you there, along with give you tips on exercise you can do to help keep your back from hurting as much. Good Luck to you, and congrats on being a new mommy!

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What is your favorite low-imact exercize routine?

Question by FaerieWhings: What is your favorite low-imact exercize routine?
I want to take off 25 pounts but exercise isn’t easy for me with my sciatica acting up all the time. What routines and exercises do you do that has helped you lose weight without too much impact?

Best answer:

Answer by Isaliakia
snoring by far.. and what a great work out i get!

What do you think? Answer below!

What are some good gym exercises for people with bad backs?

Question by Cosmic Tears: What are some good gym exercises for people with bad backs?
There are many exercises I am afraid to do because one small slip up can land me in bed for weeks sometimes months, and the last thing I need is more chronic pain, but weight gain will equal more chronic pain anyways so: I’m 23 5’1 28 % BMI I have no money for a personal trainer, Dr.s took all of that, but my bf is paying for a gym membership at a 24 hr gym just down the road from us and I would like to learn how to use it, but I can’t ask there because they want me to pay them more for extra help.

Example of bad back:

Sciatica, pain shoots down leg and is severe in the lower tailbone region on both sides, I have to be very careful when walking, standing, and shifting weight from my sides and I don’t get to sit still for more than 3 minutes. And due to this existing chronic pain for the last 5 years I now have muscle tension from hell all down the right side of my spine. The sciatica was caused by falling out of a tree and landing on my tailbone and the muscle tension issues from having to cope with the sciatica.

So what are some good back exercises that strengthen the muscles that probably won’t kill someone with my disabilities? Are squats even possible with my disabilities???

Oh, don’t tell me to go to a Dr. because this is what they tell me, ” We can’t help you, none of our information works, but we’ll take all your money and then some, so deal with it.” I paid a lot of money to get that information.

Anyways, thanks for your help, I need all I can get.

Best answer:

Answer by Evan
Shrugs, try the deadlift for reps not weight, lunges, and there is one that you might hate me for, there wouldn’t be any problems with your sciatica and this exercise.
Go into a perfect push up position, then instead of leaving your arms straight bend them to a 90 degree angle so you are no longer on your hands but your forearm and elbows. Keep your back straight and look forward not down. Time yourself to see how long you can make it in the position, then keep working and improving.

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Iwould like to get expert advice regarding Yoga exercises to alleviate chronic lumbar pain.?

Question by siva26et: Iwould like to get expert advice regarding Yoga exercises to alleviate chronic lumbar pain.?
I have been suffering from lumbar pain for more than 10 years. I had sciatica also. I feel dizziness at times when I suddenly turn my head or when I bend forward.

Best answer:

Answer by creativereading
I would recommend finding a yoga studio and having someone working with you.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Stiff/sore hip joints, sometimes sciatica pain 28 weeks pregnant – ideas for relief?

Question by kjay: Stiff/sore hip joints, sometimes sciatica pain 28 weeks pregnant – ideas for relief?
The title pretty much says it all – is it better to exercise more (although I know when I have had hardcore nesting spells and I rest for a bit after I’m flat out walking for a bit) or take it easier – anything you can suggest for relief?

Best answer:

Answer by Anna- Due 4/11/11 with a girl!
Heating pad and Tylenol. That doesn’t always do it, but it can offer some relief.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Sciatica Workout Question?

Question by Normally_Confused: Sciatica Workout Question?
I am doing p90x, and i THINK i have sciatica, my lower back hurts, and it goes down my leg. But on my workouts i push through the pain, and sometimes push myself to see how much pain i can indure during the workouts and stretches, is it safe to be doing that? i mean i usually stretch and do kicks with the pain, but it doesnt have seem to have gotten worse, and with the p90x workouts i can stretch farther down the leg that has the pain.

Best answer:

Answer by Douglas B
I don’t know of anything you can hurt there but at the same time I don’t think it’s wise to continue putting your body into pain especially when you know it’s there. You mention your lower back and I feel that this is where the problem begins. If you have pinched muscles there they can put pressure on the nerves coming from your spine and put pressure on the nerves going into your legs. Here is how you can release those muscles which should help release the pain:
(do from a sitting position)
Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and find the muscles next to your spine and press on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but remain there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Besides, chiropractor treatments,pain meds and exercise, how do I get help for sciatica problem?

Question by Globetrotter: Besides, chiropractor treatments,pain meds and exercise, how do I get help for sciatica problem?

Best answer:

Answer by Billie77
If you have access to a Jacuzzi that will help your pain diminish. If not take a hot bath with 2c. of epsom salts every evening. Also a moist heating pad can be applied whenever you feel pain.

A good massage therapist is worth their weight in gold when it comes to treating sciatica . See a massage therapist on a regular basis and your Pain will start decreasing.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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